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Process of Writing

The process of writing a private placement memorandum requires necessary knowledge, skills and experience. It is also a time-intensive process. Save your precious time and let our team of experts write your private placement memorandum for you. This way you are able to spend more time on the actual start or growth of your company. A private placement memorandum written by Labelle gives you the opportunity to attract a great amount of investment in your company. Because of our expert approach and cost-effective method, we are able to offer a fully customized private placement memorandum drafted at a competitive rate.

Our service offering is tailored to both start-ups and existing companies that are entering a new phase or want to grow beyond their business borders. Labelle is able to professionally put your plan on paper in a well-organized structure. This can be done in the form of a whole private placement memorandum, but it is also possible to write a specific portion – for example, the financial part. If you already own a written private placement memorandum which was not approved, then Labelle is the suitable service provider to rewrite your memorandum. With the clever use of our overheads we can deliver a custom-made private placement memorandum at a competitive price. For more information, please contact us.