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Our Company

The Labelle Group, an English company, provides consultancy and tax advice to clients all around the world. An experienced group of internal and external financial and legal experts, is specialized in delivering a fully custom-written private placement memorandum entirely tailored to the needs of the entrepreneur. Our service offering is custom-made to both new entrepreneurs and existing organizations with the aim to attract large amounts of capital. The goal of Labelle is to support entrepreneurs optimally in realizing their structured Private Placement Memorandum. Our experienced specialists have a strong managerial, financial and commercial background. They also possess the necessary expertise and experience to write a private placement memorandum for every industry. This gives you the guarantee that the private placement memorandum will meet both your needs and the needs of the investing party.


Our understanding through years of working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry has led to a very wide range of clientele showing a keen interest in our company, from well-established institutional fund managers in major jurisdictions around the world with billions in assets under management all the way through to individuals wishing to set up incubator funds with a small amount of start-up capital and wishing to establish a successful track record. We are offering a service suitable to every shape and size of  business and ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of global financially oriented legal services.