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Our Focus

Our Job. We draft and prepare the core document in nearly any private placement offering, the private placement memorandum (“PPM”). Far from a boilerplate document, it acts as a legal “bible”, designed to be the authoritative repository of any representations, claims, and caveats you as the issuer convey to investors. As a result, it is the very first layer of defense against potential allegations of securities fraud. Nearly any private placement offering or crowdfunding offering cannot go without one as a core best practice.

While a PPM is the heart of a private offering, there are many other considerations and decision points that require a skilled and experienced hand. In particular, the actual structure of the offering is not something that should be randomly chosen. We provide comprehensive planning, strategy and consulting services in and around your offering to assure optimal structure. Moreover, with our experience we can quickly and modify aspects of the offering as each deal often evolves over a period of time and as individual investors request particular incentives and rewards for investment.

Experts. Labelle specializes in delivering fully custom-written private placement memorandums entirely tailored to the needs of every entrepreneur. Our team of experts possesses the necessary expertise and experience to write a private placement memorandum for every industry. A private placement memorandum written by Labelle gives you the opportunity to attract a great amount of investment in your company. Our service is tailored to both start-ups and existing companies that are entering a new phase or want to grow beyond their business borders.

Time. The process of writing a private placement memorandum is time-intensive. Save your precious time and let our experts write your private placement memorandum for you. This way you are able to spend more time on the actual start or growth of your company.

Price. With the clever use of our overheads we can deliver a custom-made private placement memorandum at a competitive price in a short period of time. We start with an assignment only if there is a common agreement on the approach and price, so there are no surprises afterwards.